About us

Welcome to Chaos Supplies, where we've been redefining the intersection of safety and style for over 29 years. Specializing in high-quality eyewear, we provide an array of fashionable, ANSI-rated prescription and non-prescription glasses suited for diverse industries.

Our commitment to excellence began with a simple idea: to offer premium eyewear that doesn't compromise on safety or comfort. This vision has guided us as we've expanded our offerings to cater to various professional sectors beyond automotive, ensuring that every pair of glasses we provide meets rigorous safety standards and aesthetic preferences.

At Chaos Supplies, our focus is on empowering professionals with eyewear that enhances their workday. Our nationwide reach ensures that regardless of your location, you can access top-tier eyewear that blends seamlessly with your professional attire.

Join us in experiencing a new era of workplace eyewear - where protection, comfort, and style coexist beautifully.